Lyrics From theoldriverroad HASTE THE DAY Coward Lyrics, singer by HASTE THE DAY

I am looking into darkness
To hide my face
Don’t show me who You are
Because I am a coward

I wanted You in the wind storm
I wanted You when the fire burned
I wanted You to ride in on a white horse
The storm can rage
The fire blazes on
And all this time
You were there in the whisper

I’ve sung a coward song
When I found it hard to bend my knees
But I’ve heard Your quiet call
I heard You whispering to me

All this time I’ve been running
From what You’ve spoken over me
But my legs are weary
And my will is tired
So it’s where You’ll find me
Find me on my knees

(Praised be Your name in all the Earth)
So I’ll sing my coward song
(Praised be Your name)
In the place I heard You whisper
(Reign over)
But I’m not strong enough
(Reign over)
No I’m not good enough
(Praised be Your name)
But You still call my name
So I will never look away



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